Monday, 2 January 2017

We're going on a journey! And it starts here..

 There are two parts to this blog - the first is relating to my personal fitness and basically attempting to look as awesome as possible in pretty clothes. Being lighter will help with my pain levels and reduce problems/ impact with my joints as well as being excellent for my mental health, keeping up my generally positive attitude towards both myself and the world.

The second part is all about my adventures and doing new things! I turn 30 this year and I'm aiming to try 30 completely new things - some will be full on experiences that I've always wanted to try, others will be smaller achievements like trying out new recipes or making new craft projects or achieving fitness goals.

Part One - Fitness

Weight - 13st 7.6lbs
Fitness - Terrible

I've joined a gym, just like everyone else does in January! I used to go to the gym 3 times a week before I moved and I've just never got round to joining one here so I've signed up for an induction at 8am 04/01 at my local gym and I'm going to go Mondays and Wednesdays and one other day a week - either Fridays or Saturdays, I haven't worked out which is best yet but I'm hoping boyfriend will join me at least once a week. He's super hot when he's working out and I'm sure that will spur me on to work ever harder.

Today I did yoga and discovered that being chubbier makes some of my old poses harder and also that I have lost a heck of a lot of my flexibility and stamina.. and strength.. and well, I'm not in a great shape unless you count round as a shape..

I also went for a jog round the castle with boyfriend and discovered that I have lost stamina.. and strength.. and ability to breathe. But on the bright side, I got to follow boyfriend's cute butt as he ran around catching pokémon and I more or less completed the first run of C25K.

While we're at it, C25K is such a lie, there is no couch option so I recommend making the most of the sofa while you download the app.

Part Two - Adventures!

 So technically, I'm cheating in this because one of my new things technically happened in 2016 but it was after I finished work for the year so it still counts!

1. I built and burnt an effigy of 2016 with a group of friends. I mean, it was horrifying and the mask had blackened eyes and carrying the gigantic cardboard beast through the town got a fair share of worried looks, we lost two limbs and the most structurally integral part was the terrifying Christmas jumper that we decided not to burn so as not to poison our toasting marshmallows.
2. I played roulette and craps in Caerphilly Royale at a new years party! It was so much fun and I definitely had all the luck. I left with over double the number of chips I started with and gave half to boyfriend as he was dancing around the house for chips
3. I learnt to make overnight oats with a recipe I found online. I realise this is a small achievement but it's a new thing nonetheless. This is part of re-starting slimming world in an attempt to be less round.

So there, we have a beginning and future posts probably won't be as long but I figure I should track this somehow.

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