Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fitness: Gymspiration

Weight: 13st 6lb
Fitness: Gym Bunny (the fat kind of bunny with the chubby cheeks and wriggly butt)

I made it through week 1 of gymming! Yesterday I went with boyfriend and that really helped inspire me to do more things there and to an extra set on each exercise and now that I've realised I can do more I will add more into my routine. Also, counting his sit ups and standing on his feet meant I had a great view of his rapidly inclining shorts :D

I've been trying to work out what sort of routine I want to do, mostly using machines because free weights are still intimidating and working on muscles which I know to be problematic areas so they cause fewer problems in future.

So I've settled on the following:

3 sets of 10 Lateral Pull Downs
3 sets of 10 Seated Rows at each height
3 sets of 10 Leg Curls
3 sets of 10 Leg Extensions
2 sets of 20 Sit Ups
Plank (as long as possible)
30 minutes Cardio (Treadmill or Cross Trainer)
Lots of stretching inbetween and after

That's three multi-muscles machines for strength/ toning, a bit on my abs, a bit of cardio to get the heart rate going and lots of stretching to complement yoga. I'm going to do this routine for 6 weeks and then see if there's anything I need to add or if I should be doing more weights. That seems sensible and in no time at all I'll be able to do a pull up into a tree and also strengthen the muscles around my knees and back so I'm less likely to injure those going forward.

I've been taking the stairs at work too but that feels like a cop out exercise to me, it's 2 flights of stairs a day and my smart watch doesn't even count it when I go down them!

"But Lu, you've only lost 1lb in your first week! Normally you're much better than that!"
Yup, that's because 80% of weight loss success comes from your diet (according to The Internet which never lies) and this week I'm still using up all my food stage so I still had a lot of cheese and home baked gingerbread and mini apple pies and home made fudge and jars of pasta sauce rather than home made pasta sauces and delicious bread.

I have been eating breakfast though and my fruit of the week was clementines which I love! So baby steps, and I've nearly used up my old food now.

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