Saturday, 14 January 2017


It's been a slow start for Adventure Year but plans are afoot! Let's have a look at what I've done over the last 2 weeks.

4.  Completed my Yogalates DVD (with the alterations for sore knees) - So far I haven't even fallen over!
5. Watched Season 6 of Game of Thrones before season 7 is out - Does this count as an adventure? Probably not but it's a new thing to me and I got to do the whole thing whilst snuggled up with boyfriend in a duvet nest on the sprawling sofa so it feels like a win to me.
6. Stood up for something I believed in at work. I can't really go into details on this one  but this week at work I put forward a negative opinion and that's pretty new to me. It was well received and I think I articulated the opinion well and put forward an alternative solution that could work for all teams across the business. It's not ideal but without being able to code an entire new section for our work systems it's a pretty nifty compromise.

So, not much in the way of excitement but these are all new things and my next adventure post should be full of excitement about my very first roleplay convention (the rolling funny sided dice kind, not the bedroom kind)

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